What a journey and a beautiful new life!
Pilates with Susan Tasker helped me bring a life into this world a little easier. I started taking bi-weekly Pilates reformer classes with Susan starting in my first trimester of my second pregnancy. I was not new to Pilates, but I was new to keeping it a regular part of my weekly routine. I had one toddler already and a husband who was only home on the weekends. I noticed right away the increased amount of energy I had just after one week of training with Susan. It blew my mind how strong and agile I continued to be. Not only did I notice improved strength of my body, but particularly improved strength in my pelvic floor musculature. My health care provider acknowledged my efforts in Pilates and reassured me that I was setting myself up for a fast recovery after baby, I wasn’t too sure honestly. It wasn’t until the day my second daughter was born naturally without an epidural and no tearing or episiotomy needed, that I really understood the strength of my body due to Pilates. I had been so in touch with my body during pregnancy and used the breathing and relaxation method I had been practicing in each class that it was really a breeze giving birth! I labored in the hospital for 3 hours and pushed for 30 minutes and like I already mentioned, I did not tear or need an episiotomy. My nursing and doctor staffs were amazed, they exclaimed, “you had a normal birth, but you are not the normal patient that we are used to”. They are used to seeing difficult pregnancies or unhealthy somewhat sick individuals in the delivery room.  I started my bi-weekly classes with Susan at 3 weeks postpartum, once my doctor was pleased with my recovery, and I am almost back to my original pre-baby weight after just one and a half months of reformer work. My body has bounced back so quickly and my pelvic floor feels like a million bucks. I love Susan’s enthusiasm for changing people’s lives and I am so happy to be a part of her studio.
Mary King, DC, MTAA

Power Plate:
The power plate was extremely useful in increasing circulation in my legs during my pregnancy. I was able to keep my swelling to a minimum throughout my pregnancy and especially in the third trimester. Susan helped me find the best positions and areas to massage in order to keep my baby and I safe. It was so nice to be able to wear my regular fitting shoes the entire 9 months. Thank you Power Plate and Susan Tasker!
Mary King, DC, MTAA

Susan has been our Pilates Reformer personal trainer for both my husband and I for the past 3 months. She is a great teacher and has helped me (Dee) increase the range of motion in my frozen shoulders and arms. Rod and I both have noticed how much firmer our abs, arms, legs, butts and even our balance have become since working with her. We highly recommend her. 
Rod and Dee Wolber

For years I looked for a workout regime that wasn't boring and was easy on my already fragile back--then I discovered Pilates and Susan Tasker, and found a workout that not only challenges me, but has improved my posture and muscle tone. Susan is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how each exercise impacts the overall system. More importantly, Susan makes the workout fun and it's never the same workout over and over. Susan's workout isn't a "nice to have', it's a "must have". 
Jan Mueller---Vice President of Global Business Development in Corporate Learning

I've been dealing with a serious illness for a year now and I really do believe Susan and the sessions we have had together have done me more good than my doctors have! She is an amazingly intuitive person and knows exactly what kind of exercise regime is just right for me in any given moment. She has such a fantastic repertoire that she can easily pick and choose the kind of workout that is best for her client based on the circumstance going on at that time. That way, she can tailor make the class so that it is perfect for you. I don't know anyone else who can do that. Thank you, Susan, for putting me on the road to good health and fitness. 
Teri Radosevich, Director, Community Relations​

Susan has been my personal pilates instructor for the last 10 months. I was referred to her by my doctor a year after I injured my back in a fall. I had been in physical therapy, on medication etc. none of which helped. Within the first month of training with Susan I knew that things were changing, I was becoming stronger, I could sleep at night and my pain was less intense . Now 10 months later, I no longer am under doctors care. I am 100% better. Having Susan Tasker as my pilates instructor gave me my life back. She is great! I feel wonderful and as an added bonus, my body at 49 looks better than it did at 20!
Claudia McIntosh

I am a Pain Management doctor in Arizona and have known Susan Tasker since 2004. I have referred several clients including Claudia McIntosh, one of my nurses and my daughter. Everyone that Susan has helped whether it was for rehab or personal training has been very satisfied and have thanked me for referring her. I am very confident in Susan's professional training abilities and knowlege with helping clients with pain issues and or want to have a healthier style of living.
Dr. John Porter​

 Susan is a great Pilates instructor....I am a snowbird and was happy to find her...she has the latest equipment including a power plate, her energy is contagious! thank you, Susan...see you next fall .​

Ann C.